If you are remodelling or buying a new kitchen you may have found the choice of styles a bit overwhelming and knowing the best layout to suit your space and what appliances will suit your lifestyle can be a real challenge.

Using a kitchen design company such as Verdi Kitchens could save you time and money. With their knowledge and expertise they can ensure you get your dream kitchen – stress free!

We have shared our five top tips for choosing a kitchen that’s right for you…

1.Set your budget

Everyone has an idea of their dream kitchen and when you start your project setting your budget right at the beginning will make sure that your fantasy does become a reality. There are so many ways to achieve the look you desire, with a budget your kitchen designer can recommend styles, materials and finishes that are perfect for you.

2.Consider your lifestyle

If you love to cook and entertain then you will want to maximise the worktop space in your new kitchen. If you have a large family and buy food in bulk then lots of storage space is a must. By asking yourself a few simple questions about how you will use your kitchen you will be able to prioritise elements that are most important to you.

3.Optimise your layout

The basic kitchen work triangle is a concept used to determine efficient kitchen layouts. Planning your space so that the 3 main work areas; the cooker, fridge and sink are placed in a triangle increases efficiency. However as open plan living has become more typical you may also need to think about how your kitchen works with your dining and living areas.

4.Layer up on lighting

Lighting in the kitchen is extremely important. One overhead fixture just won’t cut it. With the introduction of LEDs there are now so many fantastic low cost options for zone and task lighting it’s a simple way of adding the wow factor to any kitchen.

5.Plan ahead

It’s a good idea to start the design process for a new kitchen at the start of any renovation project. Invariably your new design will mean changes to the services in your kitchen such as the electrics and plumbing. Your builder will want to know the plans you have quite early on so that they can ensure everything is in the right place – this is an area where a kitchen designer can really save you money, ensuring that every detail is considered ahead of your installation.

Verdi Kitchens is a family run business with four showrooms covering London and the South East. Every kitchen is designed around you to suit your lifestyle. We project manage every part of the design and installation so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Why not make an appointment today to meet with one of our designers and discuss your individual requirements.