With Christmas and the New Year festivities fast approaching here is our run-down of the top time and labour saving appliances that will see you through party season without breaking a sweat!

Boiling Water Tap

You must be living under a bush if you haven’t heard of these amazing taps. No need to boil a kettle or wait for your pan to boil, get instant hot water from your tap in seconds. Once you have one you won’t know how you lived without one!


Of course you wouldn’t dream of planning a new kitchen without a dishwasher let alone planning a party. But V-Zug have added a real game-changer to their range. The Party program on their latest dishwashers will clean a whole dinner service in 11 minutes, yes 11 minutes! So now you won’t have to ask everyone to keep their cutlery between courses.

Warming Drawer

This little beauty is a real gem. Keeping plates warm without taking up space in your oven. It’s also a great appliance to have all year round, especially if you have children as it is an excellent way to keep food warm before the little rascals come home from school.

Smart Oven

One of the worst things about hosting a dinner party is the time spent away from your guests. AEG have just launched an oven to end this dilemma. Their smart oven has an in-built camera that allows you to check on the progress of your meal from your phone. Allowing you to adjust the temperature of the oven from the dinner table. Don’t worry if that means neglecting your guests because you’re looking at your phone, they probably are too!

Connected Fridges

They’ve only gone and added a camera to the inside door of your fridge too – which takes a picture of the contents of your fridge every time you open and close the door. So when you are at the supermarket and you can’t remember if you’ve run out of milk or cheese for your master chef inspired soufflé you can just check the pictures of your fridge in the app.

If you want to know more about any of these appliance or would like help to plan your new kitchen call 020 8397 5555 or visit www.verdikitchens.co.uk

November 3rd, 2020