The main reason our clients choose a handleless kitchen is that they want a streamlined, contemporary style and handles can detract from this look.

It is true that a handleless kitchen gives you an instant uncluttered, sleek look but is it right for your home?

If you have an open-plan kitchen, dining room or kitchen and living room and want a smooth transition between the two areas then a handleless design won’t interfere with the interior designs of these rooms so would be a perfect choice.

If you have a family with young children then keeping a handleless kitchen looking fresh and clean can be a lot easier – no nooks and crannies behind those handles to get grubby. Just a wipe over with a soft damp cloth may be all you need to get your kitchen cabinets looking their best. There are also no handles to catch clothes on or for little ones to bump in to!

Also if you find it difficult to choose the colour and style of your kitchen if you go for the handleless option it is one less decision to make!

Answer YES to any of the above then we would definitely recommend a handleless kitchen for you.

Once you have decided to go with a handleless design we suggest that you carefully consider the following:

Gloss or matt finish?

A handleless kitchen becomes the focus of your room, and more often a White Gloss design is the most popular for its timeless and fresh look however it is also the least forgiving should you purchase a poor quality product. To ensure you get the best quality always visit a showroom where the kitchen you are buying is on display or you can see a sample of the door and pay the most that your budget will allow.

A gloss finish will reflect a great deal of light and can look different from different angles or on wall cabinets and base units so it is important to discuss your kitchen plan in detail with your designer. At Verdi we will produce a computer generated image of how your kitchen will look in your home, taking natural light and artificial light into consideration.

Matt finishes have become more and more popular over recent years. Matt boasts a flat surface that absorbs light rather than reflecting it giving a look of understated elegance. Matt finishes are smooth and deliver even colour that looks solid from every angle. For some, this block colour look is more appealing to the eye than a reflective surface, which doesn’t usually look so smooth. The bold appearance of a matt finish can also help you to create a more dramatic look and if you have little ones running around with grubby fingers a matt surface won’t show finger marks as quickly as a gloss surface so it could mean a little less cleaning!

Which type of handleless kitchen?

Some cabinet doors and drawers have a simple groove cut into the edge of the design. This is simple to use, and is a more budget friendly option if you wish for a handleless look. However, you might still have some issues with the fact that crumbs and dirt can get trapped in the grooves, which will need regular cleaning.

If you are wish for the ultimate in handleless wow factor, then a totally streamlined look can be achieved without resorting to grooves in doors. Options include push-to-open or tip-on designs. These designs work by simply pushing the doors and drawers to open or close. This produces the ultimate clean, contemporary look, but it does come at a price. This type of handleless kitchen typically requires a bigger budget, and we would recommend that you install a kitchen that will hold up well to the stresses put on these cupboards.

Consider your appliances

If you plan to have integrated appliances and with a handleless style we strongly recommend you do, there are certain types of handleless kitchens that will work better with your design.

First, select the ideal appliances you would like to have in your new kitchen, then make sure you discuss them with your kitchen designer. This is so that he or she can provide the best type of handleless kitchen for you.

We have an extensive range of handleless kitchens, book an appointment with one of our designers today to see if a handleless kitchen is right for you.

August 3rd, 2021