Like people kitchens come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes.

What suits one family just won’t be right for another. But how do you find out what style is best for you?

Of course a lot of it will be your personal taste or perhaps they surrounding style of your house or apartment. However, it isn’t as simple as choosing a traditional kitchen for a traditional house. Many period homes have amazing contemporary kitchens fitted and they look fantastic.

Here is our definition for each style to help you to make your choice when planning your new kitchen.


A modern kitchen is simple but effective. Generally features are minimal or hidden, think handle-less units and built in appliances. There is ample storage but all is concealed behind sleek cupboards.


It’s all about the natural real wood finishes in a traditional kitchen. Details are accentuated and open shelving is a must. A combination of materials such as leather, wood and ceramics ramp up the rustic style


Shaker gives an understated but sophisticated look that complements any interior style. Characterised by the In-frame paneled door it can be finished with a natural wood or hand-painted.

Increasing in its popularity a shaker kitchen is extremely versatile. It can be designed to have a country feel or combined with the right finishes it can take on more of a contemporary industrial style. If you’re torn between traditional or modern then a Shaker style might be the way to go.

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April 20th, 2021