If you want your kitchen to be as child-friendly as possible we’ve put together a few tips to make sure everyone is catered for.


All kitchen worktop surfaces are built to withstand everyday kitchen activities but when choosing a material that is child-friendly Corian is an ideal surface. It’s stain-resistant, so a fruit juice spill won’t damage it. It will give a softer landing for glasses or plates, and it’s repairable — just in case.
However if your preference is for stone or wood these are also very durable, just ensure you adhere to the care instructions to keep them looking their best and avoiding damage from tiny hands. Also, choosing a matt surface can mask the visibility of greasy fingerprints for longer than a gloss finish!


Choosing induction technology  is one of the safest options for your kitchen hob, there is no open flame and the pan only heats up when in contact with the induction surface. You can also have child safety locks on some models.

Although boiling water taps might seem more dangerous they have caused fewer accidents than kettles. There are many safety features for these taps, such as insulated taps, double push activation and with brands like Quooker the water is dispensed as a fine spray rather than a solid jet to minimise burn risks.
Adding a warming drawer to your appliance list can be a fantastic addition, it means that food can be kept warm for when children come home from school or other activities. For families with conflicting schedules, this is extremely useful.

Having a TV in the kitchen can be the perfect distraction for your kids whilst you are trying to cook. And now you can even include a TV without compromising on the design of your space. Mounting the TV behind a glass back splash ensures that it is only visible when you want it to be!


The majority of our kitchens are designed with a central island, they obviously increase storage and are great for entertaining and ensuring as a host you are still able to engage with your guests. But they are also perfect for families giving your children a place to sit and do their homework whilst you prepare a meal. There are so many styles, shapes, and sizes to choose from. A good tip is to ensure that the seating area is away from all your essential appliances, and perhaps dedicate a low drawer to your kid’s craft supplies so they can help themselves.

If you have the space, using different worktop levels creates interest to your design and allows all the family to see and be involved in what’s cooking.

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